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About Us

Richard Garner founded premier swimming pool maintenance company Alligator Pools in Bookham, Surrey, in 1997. Since then his small but professional team have serviced and maintained a wide variety of indoor and outdoor swimming pools for everyone from the family next door to the likes of Sir Elton John, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Pete Townshend, David Seaman and the Saudi Royal Family.

Alligator Pools takes pride in its level of customer service, punctuality, its excellent rates and unbeatable supply chain. Whatever equipment you need, Alligator Pools can supply it at a better price than just about any competitor.


"Richard from Alligator Pools has been looking after our pool for over ten
years. He is reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. We used six
different companies before Alligator but none were anywhere near as good.
We are happy to talk to anyone about his service."

Keith, Westcott


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